Friday, February 27, 2015

Dr. Living Dead! -- Crush the Sublime Gods review

DR. Living Dead! is a crossover thrash band from Sweden. I haven’t heard them in years! The last album I heard from them was the self-titled album and the thrashing the law demos. So I was very interested to hear this album. I was expecting it to be like their older stuff but this album was different. They aren't trying out another style but there is some new elements that I really like.

This album starts out with a cool intro with news clips and then we go right into the title track. Were hit with some really crunchy thrash riffs. On this song we have more of a hardcore punk type of vocals which then changes into a more melodic vocals that remind me of Mike Muir. This will definitely get the crowd going into a violent mosh. TEAMxDeadx has a really catchy thrash riff. The vocals are spewed out with pure adrenaline.

Scanners is another one of my favorites. It kinda has a Slayer type of riff just a furious assault. The song Salvation slows it down and I really like this song. It’s an instrumental but it still fits the album. The last song Wake Up.. Join the dead. Is very heavy and it’s a fist banger type of song. It has it’s fast parts for sure and it has a really cool melodic guitar part I really enjoyed. Going into this album I was expecting just always pure speed but it did have some really cool different elements that I liked a lot. The production is really good on this album. It's raw and aggressive but all the instruments are heard quite well.       


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inland Empire metal and music scene

In recent years the Inland Empire music scene has been pretty much non-existent. In 2011 I was introduced to the local scene when I went to a show at the Wheel House in Hemet. For the first time I saw that there was actually a local music scene. A few hundred people were at the show.
Then I discovered the venue the Vault in Temecula that had quite a bit of shows from local bands like Monolith, and Fiar to bigger bands like Bonded by blood, and Pathology. 

Now, the last local show (20 min away) I attended was in late 2013. It was a house party and Monolith were playing and it was free so I decided to go. There was actually quite a bit of people there. In the past 2 - 3 years we have had somewhat bigger bands come through the Inland Empire and San Bernadino  (minus the San Manuel amphitheater). Those bands were Saxon, Destruction, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, and the Misfits and the last ones to my knowledge in San Bernadino was Raven and Night Demon. Also, in Colton Hobbs Angel of death,  Elm Street, Skull Fist, and Night Demon which I heard were poorly attended ( I wanted to go to both Colton show's but it was 21+). 

 (Me looking like a goof, at the night demon show. I was really into it!) 

Now, the weird thing is that the Inland Empire has had some great concerts. For example in Corona alone in the 90's bands such as Dissection, Morbid Angel had played in Corona. In the 2000's Destruction, Enslaved, and Immortal were all on same bill. In Hemet as I stated before up until recently there was metal and punk bands playing. Even Broken Bones was planned to play. 

I wonder why the local scene has disappeared? I did find out there was some shows in Murrieta but that was a while ago. I wonder if it was a trend for a lot of people? I have heard from people that certain individuals get into this just because their friends are into it. Or is it because no one cares to go to local shows anymore? I really don't know. Monolith I have no idea the status of that band. Many other local bands have split up or are on hiatus. The punk scene like the metal scene is gone. I have heard of some local rockabilly shows and cover band shows but that's it. I don't know if it was a fan problem or just promoters losing interest in bookings bands. It sucks for people like me that really like to go to concerts. Maybe soon we will see more venues pop up or something. 

If you agree with me or disagree with me leave it in the comments or tell me your opinion on why you think there isn't really a music scene in the IE. 

  (Wish I could have seen Vindicator!!)

Hemet Wheelhouse

The Vault Temecula: 

Black Flame Collective San Bernadino:
Night Demon:


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Marduk -- Frontschwein review

I must say I'm not too familiar overall with Marduk’s discography I have heard a few songs here and there I have listened to Dark Endless in its entirety. So really this is my first major exposure to the black metal Marduk. I know they are a pretty influential band so I was excited to here this new album. I wasn't disappointed this is a great black metal album definitely one to make a lot of peoples list this year. So let’s go to the front!

The first song starts off being the title track hooked me into listening to this album. It really lays down the standard for this album. That being fast, heavy, and some melodic (riffing) black metal. They go full speed on the first song and slow it down on “The Blond beast”. “Afrika” is probably my favorite a lot of great riffing and the vocalist does a great job on this song.“Rope of Regret” is another stand out track with a lot of memorable riffing throughout the song. “Nebelwerfer” is a slower punishing song. It’s filled with a lot of anger in the vocals. This is probably my second favorite song on the album.

The drummer does a pretty good job in all of these songs. One thing I like is that the drums are obvious ally not buried in the mix but all the elements are equally represented. I've heard some black metal albums where the drums are louder than the other elements. This is not the case in the slightest. The guitars have a great sound as well. I’m a fan of his bands Death wolf and Devils whorehouse. The vocalist really lets loose on this album. This is a really good black metal album. I haven’t listened to one in a while so it’s good to hear something really good. Probably will have to check out more albums they have released.

Something I really like about this album is that there is a lot of song differentiation. It doesn't seem like I’m listening to one long song. I can tell the differences between the songs. So that’s something I really like about this album. Also, the WWII theme is something I really like a lot. Anything about WWII I’m pretty much interested in. I know Marduk had an album about WWII called Panzer Division: Marduk I can’t compare them since I haven’t heard that album. However, this album is great. Any fans of black metal should check this out you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Night Demon -- Curse of the damned album review

Night Demon is a band from Ventura, California and when I saw them play live they absolutely blew me away. Now, there is a lot of bands who have have this old school style of metal. Night Demon however is different they don't sound like a copy they have their own sound and really stand out from the rest of the pack.

This album rips and goes straight for the throat with the first song "Screams In The Night" and already gets you head banging and fist banging. Some great riffing throughout this song.
The second song "Curse Of the Damned" is so freaking catchy. The bass work is amazing. Brett's solo on this song is one of my favorites on the album. The drummer Dustin does a great job on this one."Full Speed Ahead" sounds like a pumped up Thin Lizzy song. Really liking the bass and guitar in this song.

"The Howling Man" is in one word EPIC! I can't get enough of this song. Jarvis really showcases some great bass work. My second favorite solo by Brett is on this song. Dustin's drumming is absolutely spot on as well! This song may be 6 minutes but it goes by very quick and it has become one of my favorite Night Demon songs for sure.

"Heavy Metal Heat" sounds like hard rocking heavy metal song from the 70's. "Run For Your Life" has some really good hooks. The last song "Save Me Now" I really like. It starts with an intro that reminds of something from the 80's and then once the song kicks in its filled with a hooky bass lines and guitar riffs. A great way to end the album.

Now the production sounds absolutely great. It's clear and all the instruments can be heard. However, it still has the raw metal element we all know and love. The musicianship is top notch, all the band members obviously know what they are doing. Jarvis sounds fantastic on vocals definitely reminds me of Sean Harris from Diamond Head. I can't wait to hear these songs being played live, I think they will sound amazing.

Pick this up and you will not be disappointed and for all the vinyl collectors there will be a cover of Riot's " Road Racing" exclusive just to the vinyl. Make sure to catch the band on their current U.S tour with Skull Fist and Elm Street. They will be playing two headlining shows in California.

10/10  Every song is great all KILLER no filler! Up the Demon!

Night Demon links:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grave Robber -- Straight to Hell E.P review

Grave Robber is a horror punk band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Now, Grave Robber isn't your average "horror punk" band they add in some metal influences for example (Curse of the Werewolf and Fill This Place With Blood which the opening notes and the song title is taken from the Vengeance Rising song of the same name) and even at times I can hear an Alice Cooper influence.  So Grave Robber has a lot to offer. Now, a while back Grave Robber had a kick starter campaign and I contributed, this is why I'm able to hear to these new songs. 

The first strong "Straight to Hell" is one of the best Grave Robber songs, definitely going to have to be a song they play live. It has very much an Earth A.D/Wolfs Blood era Misfits style going on. Think of songs like Death Comes ripping or Devil lock and that's the best way I can describe this song. Everything about this song rules. I will say this is one of the more abrasive and darker Grave Robber songs. The guitar had more of a metal type chugging at times kinda reminded me of Doyle's guitar sound during the Graves era of the Misfits.  

Hunger haunts is a really great track and it even has a creepy organ part. This song is being used for a Canadian feed the children campaign you can check it out here: This song is a bit more upbeat but it's still a great Grave Robber track. 

Beast of Busco is a really good simple straight up Punk rock song it kinda reminds me of the Ramones a bit. The song is about a gigantic snapping turtle in Indiana which they could never find. Great song and cool story.

The last song Mummator is shortest song on the whole E.P. It's Grave Robbers take on the theme song "Mummator & the Conquerors of the Cosmos" It's an awesome song and a good way to end off the E.P. 

In conclusion get this E.P you will not be disappointed. It's Grave Robber it's Punk and it's awesome!  Score: 9/10

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Midnight -- No Mercy for mayhem

Midnight’s new album "No Mercy for Mayhem" is awesome. I remember when there first album dropped in 2011 and I’ve been waiting ever since for a new album. So now it’s 2014 and we get some new music from Midnight. Now, Midnight as usual has a Venom and Motorhead sound but there are other NWOBHM influences that come in. Also, the punk attitude runs clean through this record. Which is something I really like if you ever seen them live (I have once) you can see that onstage as well.

The first song "mercy curse" is just an intro and then we go into “Evil Like a Knife” and it’s a great song really catchy riffing and a hooky chorus. With a ton of attitude and aggression a total fist and headbanging song for sure. “Prowling Leather” slows down to more of a mid-paced song. With some great lead guitar work throughout. My next favorite song is “Degradation” it definitely has that “Rock N’ Roll” Motorhead type feel in the beat and guitar work. Also, it was cool that they put “Destroy Tsunami’s power” as a bonus track since it’s really great song.

One of the many things Midnight/Athenar does well is he knows how to write aggressive songs with a hook. Also, the bass tone sounds great on this record. All the instruments are heard loud and clear. As with Satanic Royalty they nailed it with the production. It’s raw but yet clear at the same time which is another plus for me.

The second disc is Midnight Live in Cleveland and this is raw, loud, and pure Midnight. There is a great selection of songs and some funny stage banter from Athenar. This second disc is only available with the first initial pressings of the CD for this album.


*Highlights Evil like a knife, Prowling Leather, Degradation, Try Suicide, Aggressive Crucifixion. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pestilent Death -- Cemeterial Befoulment demo review

This is some crushing death metal from Los Angeles. Their demo “Cemeterial Befoulment” is maybe only two tracks but I think it shows a lot of potential. Is Pestilent Death trying to “re-invent” the death metal sound? No, they aren’t. Are they old school death metal to the bone? Yes, they are.

I really like the guitar sound it’s chuncky and very heavy. It kinda reminds me of Bolt Thrower guitar tone but that’s just me. Vocal wise the first thing that came to mind is Mortician or General Surgery very much soaked in blood and it fits well with the music. The title track has a cool intro to it it has a slower opening part then we into a fast part with some crushing riffs. The drumming is quite good as well. The second track premonitions of misery is very cool. I really like doom/death opening part. The production is pretty good for a demo better than alot of other demo's production I have heard before. 

Overall this is a pretty solid demo and I'll have to keep my eye out for new material by this band. If your in LA check this band out and hopefully seem them live. 

I'm feeling a solid 8/10