Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nocturnal Fear/ Seges Findere split. Allied for the Upcoming Genocide

Nocturnal Fear/ Seges Findere Split review

I just recently picked this up and it's awesome!! Nocturnal Fear contribute 4 tracks of there brand of crushing metal and Seges Findere have two tracks so it's a 6 track split.

Nocturnal Fear is like a black ops military unit. They come and destroy all in there path. Blood on the Battlefield shows some great riffing by Slavehunter also great drumming by Witchammer. Slavehunter plays a great solo on Infernal Nuclear Warfare (great title for a song). Slavehunter is an old school metal veteran and he knows how to write just great riffs in the best old school style. If your into Violator and that kinda stuff this isn't for you this isn't "retro-thrash".  Cast from Heaven is from there album Metal of Honor and I like this re-recording just as much as the original  however I think the drumming is better on this one. Invade to Conqueror (pt.2) is a crushing instrumental. The two first tracks will be on the next Nocturnal Fear album. "Sadistic Inquisition" on this split Nocturnal Fear is on DEFCON level 2 (Next step to nuclear war) with the new album with songs like "Seal team 666, Bite the curb, Operation Trinity" there going to DEFON 1. 

Seges Findere is a band from Brazil and they play in the black/death metal style there music is way more chaotic. I can't really find a band to compare them too since I don't listen to much of that type of metal but it was good none the less. I will probably have to check out more stuff by this band since I did enjoy the tracks on this split.

So in short buy this split when you get the chance you will not be disappointed.

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